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    City of Salisbury - Community Hub

About City of Salisbury - Community Hub

The City of Salisbury is a local government area (LGA) located on the northern fringes of Adelaide, South Australia. It had population of 137,979 people in 2016 and encompasses an area of 158 km. The council's main offices are situated in the Salisbury central business district. Geographically, the region is located on the outskirts of Adelaide. In recent years the council has become a leader in water management and the use of recycled water.


The City of Salisbury contacted LaunchPADS to complete content ready for the opening of of the Community Hub, this included completing PADS4 installation, setting custom screen sizes and training services. There has been different screens deployed at The City of Salisbury, this includes custom resolution LED screens internally and externally, portrait touch kiosks and overhead display screens.


LaunchPADS was happy to respond with short notice to assist The City of Salisbury, as existing contractor was not able to complete installation. LaunchPADS completed installation, and constructed various templates and have provided a concierge service for opening. Since the opening LaunchPADS have created automated templates for all regulated notices such as Dog Impound notices. Dog impound notices are fed from a on premise database, this database can update the notice automatically. A new queuing system has been implimented in the new Community Hub and this data is now fed into the signage system. PADS4 provides the backend to a complete data driven solution.

Date Completed

December, 2019


Salisbury, South Australia


21 Screens

Development Time

1 Month

City of Salisbury - Community Hub

City of Salisbury - Community Hub

Internal Custom LED

City of Salisbury - Community Hub

City of Salisbury - Community Hub

Outdoor Large LED

City of Salisbury - Community Hub

City of Salisbury - Community Hub

Indoor Information Screen

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