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About Frankston City Council

The City of Frankston is a local government area in Victoria, Australia in the southern suburbs of Melbourne. It has an area of 130 square kilometres, and in June 2018, the City of Frankston recorded a population of 141,845. A vibrant waterfront destination, Frankston blends city living with natural outdoor experiences, arts, culture and history to excite and entertain all ages.


The City of Frankston were developing wayfinding for strategic points across the city and greater area. LaunchPADS partner Metromatics were supplying a large touch screen that has been placed strategically within an existing local attraction. LaunchPADS were engaged to assist in developing a comprehensive wayfinding solution that allowed the council to dynamically update the screen, not only from a distance but not using the signage CMS package to allow access to other parties to update and drive the community.


LaunchPADS has provided a custom built web portal, and a wayfinding solution that allows dynamic updating. The wayfinding solution uses PADS4 to deliver a complete CMS, that allows data driven dynamic updates every hour. The presentation contains over 1500 touch points and over 300 possible pages displaying information for activities and destinations within the Frankston City Council region. All graphic styling was done by LaunchPADS in house to match the Frankston City Council's website.

Date Completed

April, 2020


Frankston, Victoria


1 Screen

Development Time

6 Months

Frankston City Council

Frankston City Council

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