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ffective communication is crucial to a successful business. That’s why LaunchPADS offers a range of corporate communication solutions, helping you to build employee engagement, communicate ideas, and ensure everyone is on the same page. Even in busy areas with compartmentalization and growth slowing internal communication, LaunchPADS corporate digital signage solutions can save you time, boost productivity, and save money.

Corporate Communication Smart Signage, you are in control of internal communication. Use corporate digital signage to share communication, branding, and inspiration. LaunchPADS can ensure your message connects all your screens, so you can create custom, location-based messages and control all your display communication from one central location. Whether your offices extend across a small building or across the world, LaunchPADS helps you to communicate, brand, and inspire, on screens including kiosks, video walls, desktops, and meeting room displays.

Our corporate communication solutions help you build on existing data to create truly smart signage. Integrate all your data sources to schedule and assign presentations and displays with live data streams, or connect big data and show inspiring and helpful information in real-time. Get personal, with screen-to-screen communication using Desktop Communication for individual or broadcasted messages on screensavers and in popups on desktop computers. And, make smarter use of rooms and screens with meeting room signage solutions like Viewer Variables and real time data to ensure your signage is always relevant, no matter who is using the room. Whether your ideal use of signage translates to scheduling work instruction videos, directing visitors to meeting rooms, showing sales statistics, or inspiring employees with real time stock and profit, LaunchPADS takes you there, and further.

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