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AKE DIGITAL SIGNAGE EFFECTIVE & COMPELLING Compelling content is key to screen communication. Only when the content is right, brands and organizations can shape customer experience and inspire action. Through dynamic content, they can effectively inform, guide, surprise and seduce end-users. The features of LaunchPADS digital signage software help brands and organizations to serve the right information in the right place and at the right time. With LaunchPADS Content Creation Services you can make that information powerful and captivating. The LaunchPADS Content Creation team works with their clients to deliver an enhanced customer experience through a network of digital signage, interactive technology and WOW-effect installations. We will help clients to engage, excite, inspire and inform their audience.


Use the expertise of the LaunchPADS developers to create data driven content suited for any organization and any audience. We offer content creation services to support ambitious and large projects, where the total concept has to be created from scratch. We will take care of the entire process, from start to end. That saves the customer valuable time and capacity.

LaunchPADS custom creations include the following:

  • Development of multiple concepts, based on customer brand-book
  • Development of template elements suiting the overall brand-book of the customer to meet the goals of the template design
  • Adjustment of existing video’s and images to suit the template outline and design
  • Developing of animated movies
  • Adjustment of existing brand-book elements with special effects and animation
  • Advise on how to effectively combine all the existing data for optimal communication
  • Development of any complexity level of the interactive digital catalogue or interactive wayfinding.

LaunchPADS custom creations allow organizations to integrate the following:

  • Combine reports and data with videos to reduce downtime
  • Integrate databases into data-driven digital signage
  • Create dynamic menu boards that change based on the time of day or the temperature
  • Deliver dynamic wayfinding with real time arrivals and departures
  • Integrate digital dashboards to show KPIs, a brand message, or to motivate or inspire
  • Integrate video streams to show television while displaying network data, wayfinding, arrival times, or dynamic traffic and public transport updates
  • Integrate social network data for maximum engagement with the customers, such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and YouTube

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