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uild engagement with instant service and gratification using in-store signage complete with touchscreens, menus, and online ordering. Interactive digital signage fits into nearly every scenario, from wayfinding to digital menu boards, to product advertisement in shops and malls. LaunchPADS helps you take your touchscreen kiosks and menus further, with powerful touchscreen solutions, including custom content, so your interactive touch screens will look and perform beautifully no matter the application.

Interactive Smart Signage designed by LaunchPADS, means you never leave your customers unattended. Use interactive digital signage to support staff with attention grabbing screens and training. Offer interactive touch screens with store catalogues, on-demand videos, and online ordering to reduce the demand on customer service. Or, take in-store technology a step further with audience recognition to provide personalized advice, boost engagement with integrated social media, or create dynamic displays that recognize the items the shopper is buying. LaunchPADS can make your in-store signage truly smart with tools like custom triggers to recognize items customers pick up, display unique product information based on interaction, and offer real-time product comparisons based on customer activity. Touch and smart sensor applications make signage truly valuable at decision points ranging from shopping aisles to dressing rooms, so you and the customer benefit.

With digital menu boards, customers can choose and order products without ever standing in line, boosting customer satisfaction and reducing queuing. LaunchPADS can integrate right into your existing data sources to work with inventory and order management systems, for seamless integration and ordering. And, with LaunchPADS’s custom content designed for touch, you always have access to touch-compatible presentations that perform as beautifully as they look.

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