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enu boards have come a long way from the days of static paper, but now you can take digital menu boards to the next level with LaunchPADS. Our software allows you to develop smart and dynamic menu boards, programmed to respond to real-time events like the weather, time of day, or other factors to create engagement and drive sales. Once setup, the software automatically changes ads to reflect the weather, product availability, or even time of day – with no manual updates required. Plus, with strong touchscreen support, digital menu boards for restaurants and self-service kiosks to give you a complete menu board solution.

Get more from digital menu boards with Smart Signage. Our software manages everything from the basics to smart schedules to cycle through breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus based on time of day. Get more from location placement, with Viewer Variables so you can show content based on signage placement, without changing the presentation. Context-driven programming allows you to create automatic updates so your product promotion stays relevant. Change items to match the weather (hot chocolate when it’s cold or ice cream when sunny), or link programming to other real-world events – it’s never been easier to promote relevant offerings with no added cost. And, you can update your entire network of digital signage boards from a central location, so you can update pricing and menu items in minutes, add branding for events, and even take sold-out products off the menu – even for outdoor billboards. LaunchPADS offers a turnkey solution for all menu board systems.


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