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assenger information forms the heart of any transit system, enabling individuals to smoothly move from one stage of their journey to the next – from transit terminals to planes, trains, buses, and Taxi. No matter how you move people, your Passenger Information Display System makes it easier. LaunchPADS uses PADS4 which is a full-service digital signage software platform, supporting wayfinding, arrivals/departures, infotainment, checkout, monitoring, and much more from a single system.

LaunchPADS PIDS solution integrates your data to dynamic displays that guide, inform, and update passengers as you move them on their way. Share wayfinding, gates and departures, emergency information, or inform and engage with real-time, context-based updates. Reduce missed transfers and wait periods, with real-time arrivals and departures pushed right to screens across terminals. Increase readability for signs, boards, and maps, and add engagement with interactivity and touchscreens. Wayfinding becomes more dynamic than ever, with live platform, stop, and gate updates, reducing demand on customer service. Plus, with full support for emergency alerts and real-time emergency guidance, digital signage makes your terminals and vehicles safer than ever.

Link relevant data from 70+ sources, from public transportation schedules and routes to geographic and fare information, and share directly to displays across your network. With smart tools to organize, define, and create rules for sharing – including context-based workflows, situation-based ads, and alerts for travellers based on weather, traffic, or platform-changes, the PADS4 software keeps you in control of displayed data, even when you’re not there. Reduce perceived wait times with real-time queue information, update ads based on weather or transit destination, or entertain with news, sports, weather, IPTV, and social media.

  • Pre-allocate platforms, stops, and gate data.
  • Provide real-time wayfinding across kiosks and signs
  • Automatically update platforms, departures, and status
  • Create context-based displays with smart rules
  • Centrally manage networks and connections

Our unique, data-driven approach puts you in control of display information, so you can share compliant arrivals/departures, wayfinding, infotainment, and more, when and where passengers need to see it.

With support for 1-16,000+ displays, PADS4 scales to meet your network needs, enabling you to install the screens you need now. LaunchPADS can design a solution tailored to your specific needs, with PADS4 Viewer, PADS4 Server, and Content Development, so you can design, share, and manage presentations across your network. Plus, with everything you need to centrally manage thousands of stationary and mobile networked screens, LaunchPADS makes your display management easy.

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