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everage digital wayfinding to improve customer service, visitor satisfaction, and timely arrival. From hospitals to government buildings to outdoor events and venues, getting from one place to another is crucial to the visitor experience. With PADS4 to power your wayfinding digital signage, you can connect existing data sources, update wayfinding maps in real-time, support touch and interactive maps and menus, and offer a range of wayfinding services.

Wayfinding, created by LaunchPADS, will assist you to develop truly smart wayfinding, so you can direct customers without burdening staff. Strategically placed digital wayfinding displays lead visitors through your buildings to their destinations. And, you can integrate data sources to create smart, real-time updates so you can transfer passengers after a gate change, display estimated time to start for event or public transport wayfinding, update routes based on traffic and weather, or display exit information in case of an emergency.

With central management, smart data-integration for most common data-sources, and real-time updates, LaunchPADS makes it easy to stay in control of your wayfinding digital signage displays. Whether you operate a convention centre, airport, hospital, or corporate office, keeping signs up to-date is crucial but it doesn’t have to be time-consuming and expensive. Using PADS4 allows updates to your displays in seconds, allowing you to easily change room and event locations, update signs based on room content and update your entire network from one central location.

Need more than wayfinding? With Smart Signage for Queue Management, you can combine wayfinding with estimated waiting times and infotainment on every screen.

Connect all your data sources to create truly dynamic wayfinding with LaunchPADS. Maximize your digital signage displays with branding, product promotion, and infotainment alongside important information. Plus, use real-time data and context-based programming to update guidance based on real-time events, whether sudden gate changes, emergencies, or escalator outages. LaunchPADS gives you the power to make your digital wayfinding truly smart.

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